Community Climate Intervention Strategies October Workshop

Oct. 28 to Oct. 30, 2020

8:30 – 11:25 am MDT

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About this Workshop

This workshop will bring national and international experts from different research communities together to develop a unifying research framework and program, and identify the most urgent science questions to assess a portfolio of climate interventions strategies.

The goals of the workshop are to:

  • Identify existing activities that are needed to form an international and interdisciplinary climate intervention research program, building from the webinar series findings.
  • Design an interdisciplinary program structure (framework), including its internal logistics and governance, and establish working groups that comprise existing and new efforts, in order to enhance communication and synergize existing efforts and cultivate new ones.
  • Collectively identify and prioritize the most important science questions and gaps that could be addressed by different working groups.
  • Determine initial funding needs for general framework management and research groups.

We will introduce these goals during the Oct. 28 plenary sessions and review key webinar series findings and describe the idea of collaborative research frameworks. Oct. 29 and 30 breakout sessions and the following plenary sessions will discuss such a research framework for climate interventions strategies, and will identify working groups and research priorities to advance this work moving forward.

We invite participation from individuals that are explicitly interested in climate interventions, including experts on Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR), Solar Radiation Management (SRM), human dimensions and scenario development, observations, lab and field studies, climate impacts —from global through regional scale, and impacts (on society and ecosystems), policy and governance, ethics, and communication, education and outreach. The workshop will address the issues from an international standpoint, and encourages attendees from multiple nations, including groups from developing countries and the Global South. The envisioned outcomes of the workshop include a recommendation for establishing a unifying framework, including the initial formation of interdisciplinary working groups, the definition of long-term goals of this framework, and an initial timeline and milestones that would lead to those goals.


The Community Climate Interventions Strategies workshop was held virtually from Oct 28 to 30, 2020. 250 national and international participants from over 50 universities and 30 different government and private agencies joined CCIS Steering Committee members in plenary and breakout sessions for three hours each day.

Workshop activities focused on developing an agenda and framework for an international, community-based interdisciplinary research program that aims to holistically assess a portfolio of climate intervention strategies. Preliminary recommendations by the research community include the creation of seven science-themed initial science themes, integration of communication and interdisciplinary research design specialists, and the development of a central communication and resource hub to facilitate associated knowledge exchange.


View the live replay recordings on Google Drive via the links below:


The registration for this workshop includes two options:

  • Plenary sessions only. Plenary sessions will occur from 8:30-11:30 am MDT (14:30-17:30 UTC) on Oct 28, and again from approximately 10:15-11:30 am MDT (16:15-17:30 UTC) on Oct 29 and Oct 30.
  • Plenary sessions plus Breakout sessions. Breakout sessions will run from approximately 8:30am-10:15am MDT (14:30-16:15 UTC) on Oct 29 and Oct 30. We ask that you only apply for this option if you are interested in contributing actively to robust discussion surrounding workshop goals, and you are available for both breakouts.

Please note that breakout session participation will be limited to approximately 100 attendees.