Co-Production of Knowledge & Interdisciplinary Research Science Theme

The knowledge co-production and interdisciplinary science theme group focuses on:

  1. What co-production and interdisciplinarity looks like in practice
  2. Challenges faced when practicing co-production of knowledge
  3. Top priorities for designing models of co-production and interdisciplinarity in this context

Questions of this science theme include how CCIS may learn from existing programs including IPCC or the Developing Country Impacts Modelling Analysis for SRM (DECIMALS). When considering the meaning of co-production, especially in the context of CCIS, it is important for interdisciplinarity and co-production to be seen as the active creation of scientific products by different disciplines, rather than the mere transference of knowledge across the scientific working groups and involved disciplines and communities.

Modeling and scenario development may be fruitful areas for co-production, especially considering how the construction of models and scenarios are informed by particular goals and needs of the users. Regional impacts studies, identification of socioeconomic indices, and assessment of SRM scenarios were identified as potential sites to begin co-production. Additional considerations are the need for multidisciplinary research teams to engage with stakeholders and policymakers, as well as the role early career scientists can play as integrators if they are embedded in disciplines other than their primary areas of expertise.