Targeted Regional Impacts & Interventions Science Theme

This science theme focuses on a variety of different projects that cover ecologically and socially vulnerable communities and systems and how they respond to climate change, climate intervention, sea-level rise, feedbacks and tipping points.

Two different aspects of targeted regional projects were discussed:

  1. The regional effects of global intervention applications
  2. Regional and local intervention applications and their effects, as well as a combination of both

Regions of special interest included the Arctic and Antarctica, developing countries that are already impacted by climate change, as well as ocean states. There is a need for the convergence of global and regional modelers to support those studies. Suggestions were made to learn from already existing regional approaches. For example, weather modification has been researched for over 70 years and could be informative for marine cloud brightening approaches. Related questions on governance were discussed, including the need for a geopolitical analysis of how such an intervention would overlay on existing and future regional politics including under accelerating climate change and connections to the Arctic Council work. A goal of this science theme is to further discuss targeted regional projects and possible funding sources.