Knowledge Exchange Outside The Sciences Theme

This science theme addresses knowledge exchange outside the sciences and focuses on communication, engagement and education of climate intervention considerations, regarding associated research communities, stakeholders, and the public.

Stakeholder and decision maker needs in terms of further climate change vary greatly and need to be addressed at regional and local levels, in partnership with existing outreach efforts at that scale. This will be critical for areas especially vulnerable to climate change such as the Arctic. Embedded relationships leading to ‘trusted broker’ status will become important and should be planned as part of larger communication plans. Communication plans should be created for activities in each science theme as well as for the larger CCIS program, at early stages of their formation, potentially through the inclusion of communication specialists.

Public outreach and media awareness work can be done in partnership with larger existing climate change communication programs, and they can potentially collaborate to design tailored climate intervention outreach approaches, materials and even continuing research on public perception, common lexicon usage and facilitation of stakeholder needs assessments. An online repository of CCIS research projects, products and publication as needed as an important priority for the program.